It's all theater, and we just live in it

Why do you believe what you believe? Are people truly thinking for themselves or merely comforting themselves with their confirmation bias left and right, feeding their ego off of the media loudspeakers? Who are you? Where are you from, and where are you heading? What is your faith that provides purpose in your limited life caught up in this matrix created by someone else? Are we really free in this world, or do you think we are programmed to mold into whatever virtues of our contemporaries that are expertly crafted and pushed into our own thought bubbles? Is your truth absolute, or is it a mere shadow of someone else’s ideas got into your head that you don’t even realize you are parroting like a puppet ? Is everything really, truly real, or are we collectively hallucinating in giant apocalyptic political theater in this day and age? Can we truly find peace in the middle ground in this world, or are we just conditioned to accept the wars and polarization of opposing forces without even questioning why? What do you make of it?

Fluidwear collection 6 motion picture lookbook

Photography: Youchul S. | Model: JeongJun Lee | HMU: Hongju | Film: Subin Hahn