Embrace Your Ambiguity, Reinforce Your Character.

We believe fashion shouldn’t have divisions. Men should be able to wear feminine elements as women are able to wear masculine elements as they wish while embracing his or her own ambiguity.
The style of unisex fashion has been predominantly masculine, minimal, and more focused on utilitarian aesthetic. Many different styles that are introduced as gender-neutral fashion often fall into the category of alternative menswear, with the exceptions of a few designers’ works. We wish feminine beauty to be equally appreciated as gender-neutral fashion.
Subin Hahn Fluidwear is a fresh take on contemporary fashion that embraces gender fluidity, diversity, and freedom of expression. Inspired by traditional feminine beauty, fairytales, and eclecticism, "Fluidwear" reimagines classic femininity and elegance as empowerment and creates a fantasy that reflects the complexity of the human spirit. Subin Hahn Fluidwear is for individuals who dare to challenge the binary systems of the fashion industry while embracing their own ambiguity in gender expressions.




Subin Hahn is a South Korean-born fashion designer who focuses on gender-fluid fashion. He spent his early years in his hometown of Suwon, South Korea before moving to New York to pursue his career in fashion. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design in New York, Subin has worked with various esteemed fashion houses, such as Zac Posen, Marchesa, Calvin Klein, Vaquera, and Marc Jacobs.

Subin created his namesake brand Subin Hahn Fluidwear inspired by traditional feminine beauty, fairytales, and eclecticism. Subin Hahn's Fluidwear reimagines traditional femininity and delicate sensibility as empowerment with the aim to challenge the default of masculinity in gender-neutral fashion. Since the inception of the brand, Fluidwear has been worn by numerous VIP clients, including Milck, Greta Van Fleet, Millicent Simmonds, Ashe, Bretman Rock, Thomas Flynn, Ava Max, and Kimbra, to name a few.

Embracing his belief that fashion and art reflect individuals' faiths and spirituality, "Fluidwear" embodies the soul of each individual and the illusion of life that exists beyond physical reality.



  • ADC 101st Annual Award - Merit Award for 'Fashion Design/Design for Good' (2022)
  • Muse Design Award - Platinum Winner in the category of 'Fashion Design/Avant-Garde' (2021)
  • London International Creative Competition - Official Selection in the category of 'Create/Art' (2021)
  • The 14th International Design Awards - Gold Award in the category of 'Avant-Garde/Men' (2020)
  • Parsons 2018 Academic Award nomination in 'Social Innovation' (2018)
  • Hugo Boss x Parsons 2017-2018 Award winner
  • Swarovski x Parsons 2017-2018 sponsorship semi-finalist
  • Shoe Polytechnic x Parsons 2017-2018 sponsorship competition winner